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Canada foreign policy lacks insight about realities in Iran, FM spokesman

Tehran, April 10, IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said the Canadian foreign policy reveals a lack of insight on the part of its government about realities in Iran as well as the region.

He made the remarks in reaction to the anti-Iran remarks recently made by foreign minister of the Canadian conservative cabinet during his Middle East visit.

He said the remarks clearly indicate that he has no knowledge of realities either in Iran or the region.

Mehmanparast noted that the remarks are made at the time when Canada itself is confronting such basic challenges as systematic and sustained violation of the rights of its indigenous citizens which has even inspired a report by the United Nations especial rapporteurs.

The spokesman further advised the Canadian government to focus on rational, realistic and well-established principles rather than making accusations against other countries.


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Analyst criticize double standard approaches towards NPT

Analyst criticize double standard approaches towards NPT

Tehran, July 1, IRNA – former Iranian nuclear negotiator said five countries that are negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program are themselves violators of NPT.