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FM spokesman: Iraq’s inspection of Iranian plane against int’l laws

Tehran, April 10, IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said Iraq’s inspection of an Iranian cargo plane carrying medical equipment, medicine and foodstuff to Syria is against international laws.

He expressed dissatisfaction with the recent act of the Iraqi government, stressing that it stood contrary to all acknowledged international regulations as well as good neighboring ties.

However, he stressed, the inspection once again proved the hollowness of the anti-Iran propaganda.

Mehmanparast further noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran based on its humanitarian views and commitment will continue dispatching medical aid and foodstuff to the Syrian nation.

During the past days, Iraqi government ordered inspection of an Iranian cargo airplane which was heading for Syria. The plane was ordered to land in Baghdad airport for inspection but it became evident later that it was carrying only medical items and foodstuff to the country.




Development of strategic Chabahar port speeds up

Development of strategic Chabahar port speeds up

Tehran, Feb 6, IRNA – The implementation of JCPOA on January 16 and the removal of sanctions have given momentum to the development of many infrastructure projects, including the Chabahar port in Sistan and Baluchestan Province.