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Iran underlines its legitimate right to enrich uranium

Almaty, April 7, IRNA – Secretary of Supreme National Security Council Saeed Jalili, by underlining Iranˈs legitimate right to enrich uranium, said that Tehran welcomes every kind of dialogue for cooperation.

He made the remarks in a press conference here on Saturday evening after ending the 2-day negotiations with member states of Group 5+1.
Iranˈs chief negotiator said that West should do 2 things to build confidence; recognition of Iranˈs right to enrich uranium and ending behavior which indicates west enmity with Iran.
He stressed that Iran offered proposals for moving in a constructive direction and representatives of G 5+1 would transfer results of the dialogue to their capitals.
Jalili pointed out that Ms. Ashton, after talks with foreign ministers of the 6 member countries of the group about how to proceed the talk, will talk with him on the phone.
He said, ˈWe think this round of talk was good and with our new proposals, now the Group 5+1 should show its honesty for taking appropriate confidence building steps for the future.ˈ
The senior negotiator said that 10 months ago Iran proposed a comprehensive plan for progress in talks in Moscow and in this round of talks, Iran has presented an operational program in the framework of the Moscow comprehensive plan.
The operational program is the revised proposal of member states of G 5+1 in Almaty and consideration of experts meetings held between the two Almaty talks.
Jalili continued that part of Iranˈs initiatives was clearly an answer to proposed views of the G 5+1 in Almaty 1, which have capacity for moving forward.
To a question under what conditions Iran might suspend enrichment of uranium, Jalili answered that enrichment of uranium either 5 or 20 percent is part of Iranians rights.
Concerning continuation of talks, Jalili said that Iran proposed clear offers to members of G 5+1 and we were ready to continue talks even today, so that the talk can be a new move in this path.
He added that member states of the Group 5+1 said that they should send presented proposals to their capitals and present them to their political officials and then declare the results to Iran.
ˈMs. Ashton is to inform me in the future about results of the consultations.ˈ
Jalili added Iran has always said that confidence building is a two-way road and now after Iranˈs many moves to make confidence, they should build confidence for Iranians.
A reporter asked whether upcoming presidential election would have any effect on negotiation process?
Jalili underlined that the issue of defending Iranˈs nuclear right is a national issue and all people and political trends are determined to defend nuclear rights.

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