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Tehran Stock Exchange sets new record in volume of trade

Tehran, April 3, IRNA - Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) has set a new record in the volume of trade hitting the 40,000 unit mark on Wednesday.

The TSE began its trading at 38,040 points in the new Iranian year that began on March 20.

The stock market registered its newrdt record when the trade volume surpassrf over 40,000 units on Wednesday, the sixth trading day in the Iranian New Year.

The TSE trade volume had already risen to the 39,000-point mark on the second day of trading in the new Iranian calendar year.


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Report on Iran`s money laundering status flawed

Report on Iran's money laundering status flawed

Tehran, Nov 25, IRNA – While Iran has done a lot to root out money laundering, the Financial Action Task Force has put Iran on its blacklist of Non-Cooperative Countries or Territories.