Pakistani politician calls for forging unity among Ummah

Islamabad, Feb 7, IRNA -- Pakistanˈs former information minister on Thursday stressed the need for forging unity among Muslim Ummah to counter anti-Islam activities of western powers.

Talking to IRNA, Muhammad Ali Durrani of Pakistan Muslim League-Functional congratulated people and the government of Iran on 34th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

Former Senator believes that all Muslim countries should get united to solve the problems of Muslims.

ˈWe have to shun all our differences,ˈ said former minister.

He said that founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini was a great leader of the entire Muslim world. The political leader went on to say that Imam Khomeini would always be remembered as a great leader in the history.

ˈImam Khomeini was not only a Muslim leader, but also a great scholar who taught his nation to stand on its own feet,ˈ said the former minister.

He added that Imam Khomeini had led a historic movement for his people.

He was of the view that a country can progress only if it is not dependent upon the resources of other countries.

ˈAnd this is actually what Iran is doing,ˈ said the politician.

Muhammad Ali Durrani was of the view that the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) has the mandate to come forward and devise a common strategy to counter the western pressures on Muslim world.

He strongly believed that western conspiracies cannot weaken Islamic Revolution. He added that Iran is a responsible country and has always tried to maintain friendly relations with all countries.

Special ceremonies to celebrate the 34th anniversary of the victory of Iranˈs 1979 Islamic Revolution are being held across Iran.

The first day of the ten-day long ceremonies coincides with the anniversary of return home of the Late Founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini from exile.