Hosseini: Ground paved for hearing message of genuine Islam in world

Bandar Abbas, Dec 11, IRNA – Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini said here Monday keeping in mind conducted enlightenments ever since 3 decades ago ground is well paved for hearing message of genuine Islam in world.

According to our IRNA reporter in Bandar Abbas southern Iranian port city, Hosseini who was speaking at the Second International Imam Sajjad (P) Conference, emphasizing that optimum advantage must be take of the emerged opportunity, said, ˈNeither any negligence nor any weakness of anybody, any foundation, or any organ is accepted in this respect.ˈ
The culture and Islamic guidance minister said that Imam Sajjadˈs book, Sahifeh Sajjadiyeh, and Imam Aliˈs Nahj ul-Balqa, are two precious works, adding, ˈWhen the world nations would realize the precious contents of these books they would grasp them wholeheartedly and that would lead to gaining insight about the nature of genuine Islam.ˈ
The official referred to the good moves made for translation of Sahifeh Sajjadiyeh at the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, adding, ˈThere are many source books that need to be translated.ˈ
Hosseini referred to the volunteering of many countries for translating the works of the Iranian authors, saying ˈIn Cuba Book Exhibition one of their ministers announced that countryˈs readiness for translation of the books that Iran would propose.ˈ
He said that at Kuwait Book Fair, too, the Kuwaiti culture minister said, ˈBring 50 appropriate Persian language books to us and we would translate them for you.ˈ
He said that there are very good opportunities and the Islamic Culture and Communications Organization is right now translating many good books, and for instance the translation of Master Hakimiˈs letter to the Cuban Leader Fiddle Castro into 16 languages is among those works.
He said that the blasphemous insults against some Islamic sanctities, too, just proved the depth of influence of some of the moves made in introducing the genuine message of Muhamedan (P) Islam, plus the world nationsˈ wholehearted grasping of it, adding, ˈEach year tens of thousands of the people of the United States and other American Continent nations, as well as the European nations convert to Islam.
The one day Second International Imam Sajjad (P) Conference was held in this port city in the presence of a number of prominent clerics from Muslim countries, including Lebanon, Egypt, and Kuwait, as well as a number of Iranian thinkers and authors.
According to Sheikkh Hossein Ansadiran, Imam Sajjadˈs Sahifeh Sajjadiyeh is:
Sahifeh Sajjadieh is the precious treasure of the King of the earth and the heavens, the Prince of the country of magnanimity, the Commander of the world of sincerity and love, the Head of the Gnostics, the leader of the lovers, the sacred person Imam Sajjad (P).
This Collection contains treasures of knowledge, and we can find there whatever is necessary for human growth and perfection.
Sahifeh is a school, the teacher of which is the fourth Imam (P). This is the teacher who has taught world-dwellers during long centuries and has made it possible for individuals to reach their perfection in accordance with their talents.
Sahifeh is the roaring ocean of God’s favors, whose pearls and corals are innumerable, and whose precious items are not countable.
Sahifeh is a burning and shining sun, the exposure of which will turn the man’s sapling into a clean tree.
Sahifeh is Divine’s hot sun. This sun, i.e., Imam Zainol Abedin (P), has risen in the east to educate and nourish the tree of human nature and will spread rays of light up to the eternity.
Sahifeh is the scale of pure and impure, right and wrong, light and darkness, life and death, this world and the Hereafter, and health and disease.
Sahifeh is God’s spring of favors, the saver of darkness and the salvager of man from wrong-doing.
Sahifeh is the teacher of knowledge, a source of learning, the attractor of benevolence, the producer of kindness, the maker of one’s personality, the initiator of miraculous acts, and the promoter of man to higher positions.
Sahifeh is an ingenious physician, the beloved of sincere hearts, comfort for lovers, Juliet for Romeo, the describer of the East and west, the discoverer of truths, the remedy for pains, the destroyer of the hypocrites, and in fact the spring of God’s favors.
Sahifeh is the comfort for the devotees, the stimulus for the hearts of the progressive ones, the strength of the young, the love of the lovers, the knowledge of the Gnostics; the resort for the wretched, the secrets of secret-keepers, the pain of the poor at night-time, the prayers of early-risers and the capital for the spirits of the hopeful ones.
Sahifeh is a treasure filled with jewels, which is unfortunately left unknown up to the present time and has not been used as it deserves. There has not been prepared any complete interpretation and description for this shore-less ocean, up to now.
The majority of twelve-Imam Shiˈa Muslims are unaware of both Nahjolbalaqa and Sahifeh.