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Gaza solidarity rally held at US embassy in Berlin

Berlin, Nov 17, IRNA -- Hundreds of people on Saturday gathered at the
American embassy in Berlin to voice solidarity with the Palestinian people
in Gaza amid Israelˈs military onslaught, according to IRNA.

Battling cold weather, protesters stressed the right of Palestiniansto defend themselves against Israeli aggression.

They also slammed western countries for their double standard when dealing with

Israel which continues to ignore international law and violates human rights.

The rally labeled Israelˈs attacks ˈterroristic and unacceptable.ˈ

Addressing the crowd, the head of Berlinˈs Palestinian community Ahmad Muhaisen said Israel was ˈnot only a threat to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza but also a threat to global peace.ˈ

He held Germany partly responsible for Israelˈs warmongering policy in Gaza,

pointing to Berlinˈs military aid for the Zionist regime.

Muhaisen made clear Palestinians were ˈthe only nation in the world still under occupation.ˈ

More anti-Israel protests are expected over the next days in Germany and numerous other European countries.





US senator: Military attack on Iran opens up Pandora’s box

US senator: Military attack on Iran opens up Pandora’s box

Tehran, April 19, IRNA – Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has strongly rejected the idea of making a possible military attack on Iran stressing that will be dangerous and “opens up pandora’s box.”