Islam provides solution to all human problems:JIH

New Delhi, Nov 13, IRNA – India’s apex Muslim body, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) Monday said that Islam provided solution to all human problems.

President of JIH Abdul Waheed made the remarks Monday addressing the day-long conference of “Establish Deen (Religion) in Individual, Collective Life.”

He said, “The peace-loving citizens of the country are worried about inflation, corruption and crime. Human life is not safe; crimes against women and children are increasing. The JIH asserts that Islam provides solution to all human problems. This is why we call upon people to establish Islamic injunctions.ˈ

Delivering a keynote speech, Prof. Muhammad Rafat, another speaker to the conference said, ˈIslam means obedience to Allah without sharing His divinity and power with anyone or anything. This is the Deen of humanity, given by Allah since dawn the ages, not only to Prophet Muhammad (SAW).ˈ

In every phase of human history, this Deen has been the guiding principle for mankind. It demands action in its totality in our individual and social life.

“To establish the Deen, the Muslim Ummah has to act upon it and accelerate the Dawah work. It has to make arrangements for in-depth study of the Qur’ān, call upon people towards it and understand its message,” he suggested.

Speaking on the Role of Students and Youth in the Establishment of Deen, Mr. Azharuddin, President of Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO), said the greatest success of man was that he realised the purpose of life.

The professor added as a result of the success of Islamic Movements in the Arab world, it was observed that a new world was emerging.

The youth leader called upon students and youth to come forward to play their role in shaping the society on Islamic footing, and to face the challenge of globalisation of poverty, hatred and countless other problems.

Meanwhile, a symposium also held on “The Problems of Indian Muslims and Their Solution” as part of the daylong conference organized by the JIH, discussed various problems Muslims in India have been facing.

The problems discussed included implicating Muslim youth in the name of counter terrorism, safeguarding Islamic identity in the plural society and educational backwardness.

“These problems are being created in a planned manner to sidetrack Muslims so that they might not grow and play their role in the reconstruction of country on healthy grounds,” said Dr. Er. Muhammad Salim, Secretary JIH who presided over the symposium.

“All our problems, whether they are our own or created by our enemies or governments, cannot be solved unless we develop the consciousness of being the community to strive for all human beings and work together to solve all these problems,” Salim suggested.

Speaking on the occasion, President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari said: ˈEvery conscious person has an objective of life before him; similarly, nations too have their objectives. And the objectives of nations are devised by their leaders. But the case with Muslim Ummah is different. Allah the Exalted has revealed the objective for the Muslim Ummah (Community). It is enshrined in the Qur’ānic term of ukhrijat lil naas (raised for the human beings).

The term implies that Muslims have to strive for the good of entire humanity; they have to invite people to virtues and forbid them from evils.ˈ said Umri.

The Jamaat chief called upon the audience to shape their lives in accordance with the commandments given in the Qur’ān and Sunnah.


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