Iran ready to send humanitarian aid for hurricane-stricken people in US

Tehran, Oct 31, IRNA - - Iranian Red Crescent Society in a message on Wednesday expressed its readiness to provide humanitarian aid for those affected by devastating hurricane Sandyin the USA.

The message condoled with the families of the victims and expressed Iranˈs full readiness to send necessary humanitarian aid to the storm stricken areas in the USA.
Tropical storm Sandy, which formed in the western Caribbean Sea last week, started gathering momentum after making landfall over Jamaica, and then passed over Cuba and Haiti, and made for the Bahamas, and thence to the northeastern coast of the United States.
Sandy hit up to 15 US states, as well as such big cities as New York, Washington, Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.
A state of emergency has been imposed on the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and the District of Columbia.
The hurricane Sandy death toll in the Caribbean has exceeded 70 and left many dead, casualties and homeless over the east of America.

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