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Gas transfer pipeline fire under control

Ahvaz, Khuzestan province, Oct 24, IRNA – Fire in Ahvaz 22-inch gas transfer pipeline to cities of Shoush, Shoushtar and other areas in this route was under control.

Firefighters put the fire under control after 2 hours on Tuesday evening.

The transfer pipeline known as ˈChughazanbilˈ pipeline was ablaze 15 kilometers from Shoush city.

Spokesman of Organization of Relief and Rescue affiliated to Red Crescent Society declared on Tuesday evening that rapid reaction forces of the organization were dispatched to Haft-Tappeh and Dowab area to assess situation and help possible injured persons.

Hossein Darakhshan said that a relief group including 16 assessors accompanied with four experts in the field of fire extinguish were dispatched to the area.

He added that the fire was not close to the habitat area, but flames were visible from far distance.


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