UNFPA official acknowledges Iranian commitment to the elderly

Tehran, Sept 24, IRNA - The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Resident Representative in Iran Mehmet Hulki Uz on Wednesday acknowledged Iranian full commitment to the issues consistent with the elderly.

Speaking in a local gathering in Tehran, Hulki Uz underscored that the bodies also help the Iranian and international organizations.
The elders play a pivotal role in development and prosperity of each government, he said, underscoring that the elders are considered as the national assets of each government and nation.
The elders should be utilized as an effective force for the social, cultural and economic activities, he said.
He said that the Iranian government is providing necessary funds to deal with the expense of tackling the issues pertaining to the elderly.
The elderly population is a challenge today and is growing in various countries including Iran ranging from expense of medical treatment and the economic and social costs the governments must pay by setting up special funds, Hulki Uz said.
Over 8.1 percent of Iran's population are above 60 years, he said, adding that the figure is increasing every year.
Pointing to the National Strategic Plan Document for the Elderly, he added Iran should utilize the successful and unsuccessful experiences of leading countries how they did to deal with the issues concerning the elderly.

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