Shajarian concert extended

Tehran, Aug 10, IRNA - Prominent Iranian vocalist Homayoun Shajarian and composer Tahmoures Pournazeri’s latest concert in Tehran has been extended due to a unique enthusiasm.

The concert, which was being held at the Interior Ministry’s auditorium from August 7-9, has been extended till August 14-16, 2014.
Producer Mohammad Hossein Toutounchian announced that over 32,000 tickets have been sold and there is still high demand for the concert.
“Given the large number of enthusiasts we decided to extend the concert,” he said.
The performance features live pieces of the artistˈs latest album ‘Neither Angel, Nor Devil’.
The group will embark on a concert tour of Iranian cities after Tehran performances.
‘Neither Angel, Nor Devil’ is among the best-selling albums in recent months. It includes eight pieces composed on rhymes by renowned Persian poet Molana Jalaleddin Rumi as well as contemporary ones such as Mohammad Reza Shafiei-Kadkani, Simin Behbahani and Hossein Monzavi.
Released by Irangam Publications, the album features US composer David Garner and celebrated sitar virtuoso Shujaat Hussain Khan who had earlier released the ‘Become a Myth’ album with Shajarian.
Homayoun Shajarian and Tahmoures Pournazeri are the sons of heavyweights Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Keykhosro Pournazeri, respectively.

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