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Warning against early addiction

Tehran, July 19, IRNA -- Iran has witnessed a decline in the age of addiction and an increase in drug addiction related deaths, warned a member of the Psychology and Counseling Organization of Iranˈs Central Council.

Hamid Poursharifi added that drug control must become a social issue, adding that parents must realize that drugs containing impurities are more harmful and will lead to early death, even before the person becomes infected.

He noted, ˈAlthough I believe that positive news must be reflected in the society, there are bitter realities which need to be circulated to prevent a worse situation.ˈ

Growing consumption of drug and psychotropic pills are two alarming issues in the society, he warned.

He added that addiction is different from having side-effects of drug consumption. He asked the parents to exercise greater control and supervision over their childrenˈs social relations and behavior.

Poursharifi said that if tension and anxiety among teens results from the parentsˈ attitude toward their children, the situation will not only fail to prevent addiction but will further complicate issues.

ˈParents must be familiar with direct and indirect methods of controlling their children and have a proper approach towards their children,ˈ Poursharifi added.

He concluded that the more parents live with their children, the less the children will be susceptible to addiction.


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