Over $8m allocated for drug control: Official

Tehran, June 29, IRNA - The State Welfare Organization has allocated $8.3 million to drug control activities in the current Iranian year (started March 21), said the SWO deputy head for treatment and prevention.

Mohsen Roshan-Pajouh added that about $6.66m of the fund have been earmarked for treatment and $1.6 million for prevention of addiction, according to Sundayˈs edition of ˈIran Dailyˈ.
Roshan-Pajouh said 828 residential addiction treatment centers are operating across the country, 9 percent of which are for women.
The official said a number of outpatient addiction treatment centers are operating in the country, but only a small number of women drug abusers refer to such centers.
“The activities of treatment centers, not operating under the supervision of SWO, are illegal,” he said, adding that the list of authorized centers is annually published in mass-circulation newspapers.
Roshan-Pajouh stressed that special residential addiction treatment centers should be established for drug addicts under 18 years.
He noted that drug addiction is a mental and psychological disorder, adding that rehabilitation centers, affiliated to SWO, are ready to accept drug abusers addicted to all types of narcotics.
“Efforts are underway to establish special treatment centers for those addicted to methamphetamine,” he said.
Roshan-Pajouh said a center has been set up to help recovered addicts lead normal lives.
“SWO, as the body in charge of controlling substance abuse in the country, not only safeguards the dignity of addicts, but also acts on the basis of latest scientific achievements gained in this respect,” he said.
Roshan-Pajouh also said SWO has adopted a social approach for treating drug addiction and conducts its activities in rural and urban localities, kindergartens and workplaces.

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