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President hails Iranian achievements in information technology

Tehran, May 17, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday hailed the progress Iran has made in the field of Information Technology and called for advancing the plan called ˈthe electronic governmentˈ.

The President made the remarks in the Fourth National Information and Communications Technology Festival.

The President unveiled four communications projects.

He stressed the need to rely on domestic technologies either in software and the hardware.

Pointing to the speedy growth of communication technologies, he noted that a new global family is taking shape and the users of cyber space are the family members.

The President who has also undertaken presidency of high council for the cyber technology termed ˈsurprisingˈ the spread of communication technologies.

The President said that the impact of cyber technology is quite tangible in everyday life of the ordinary people .

Cyber technology opens new opportunities for the societies and can be used as a tool to preserve and spread the Iranian Islamic culture, he said.

President Rouhani said he was dissatisfied with the current speed (bandwidth) of the Internet service available in the country, calling for the extension of the bandwidth of the Internet service, the speed of connecting to the Internet link.

It’s a citizenship right of every Iranian to connect to the global Internet link immediately without waste of time, he added.

The President made clear that the Internet service and its immediate availability will help the youth achieve the goals of the resistance economy.


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