Supreme Leader critical of US officials irresponsible diplomacy, playing with words

Tehran, Feb 8, IRNA – Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said on Saturday that the Iranian nation should fully watch out behavior of the US officials for irresponsible diplomacy playing with words.

The Supreme Leader made the remarks in a meeting with hundreds of the Air Force commanders and rank-and-file.
Ayatollah Khamenei said the rock-solid reliance on national economy will help welfare and prosperity of the nation and the government must mobilize administrative potentials to lead the nation to economic boom and that it should not spend the time and resources to oblige the US to lift the sanctions.
He said that Iranian nation achieved many breakthroughs in science and technology with reliance upon devotion and cultural values.
The meeting took place on the occasion of the 35th victory anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran which toppled the US-backed regime of Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi.
The Supreme Leader said as the late Founder of the Islamic Republic always underlined, the nation should not lose its explicit reliance on values and principles.
In the upcoming nationwide rallies on February 11 marking anniversary of victory of the Islamic revolution, the nation will outcry with firmer voice to demonstrate its national sovereignty and resistance to the bullying of US government.
The Supreme Leader said that the hitory proved that the US always suported despotic regimes in the developing countries, a reference to US administration involved in engineering military coup against the nationalist government of Mohammad Mossadeq in 1953 and bring back the Shah who had fled the country.
Referring to some of the revolutions in the region, Ayatollah Khamenei said a successful revolution will identify and seriously deal with the interventionist forces.
Foreign forces always scared the feeling of independence of the nations and try to weaken such feelings at any cost, said the Supreme Leader.
Ayatollah Khamenei noted that the interventionist powers are trying to make nations believe that their independence stands are in contrast with the endeavors for progress.
These allegations are totally wrong and have been manipulated by those opposing independence of the nations.
Independence means to create a very strong barrier to prevent interference of others who wish to target the nations interests, said the Supreme Leader.
Late Imam Khomeini explicitly voiced his stands about the Zionist network which governs the world, said the Supreme Leader.
Late Imam Khomeini took a very transparent stand toward the global arrogance that is the then US administration, said Ayatollah Khameni.
Firm stand of Iranian nation on its principles has urged the world public opinion to regard the Iranian nation as a brave, sincere, intelligent, resistant and patient nation, said Ayatollah Khamenei.
The American officials claim that they donˈt want regime change in Iran but the fact is that they are telling lie and if could do it, they never hesitate, said the Supreme Leader.
Mass presence of Iranian people in the scene of revolution and their support even after several decades should be regarded as a unique event, said the Supreme Leader adding that in February 11, all will witness that the Iranian people will demonstrate its national might to the world nations.
When the Iranian people demonstrate their might in the upcoming rally, the enemies feel desperation, said the Supreme Leader.
The Supreme Leader advised the people to closely observe the recent stands as well as impolite comments made by the American officials.
The American officials have adopted a double standard policy in dealing with Iran, their statements in the private meetings are different from those asserted in public which show their ill-wish, said Ayatollah Khamenei.
The countryˈs economic officials with reliance upon numerous domestic capabilities should neutralize sanctions, underlined the Supreme Leader.
The American officials claim that they are friend of Iranian nation but they are telling lie, at the same time they threaten them and expect the Islamic Republic of Iran to lessen its defense power which is very ridiculous, said the Supreme Leader.
Iranian nation and its officials mainly the armed forces should increase their defense capabilities, said the Supreme Leader.
Reliance on Iranian people will help leave behind the difficulties and resolve the economic, political, social and culture issues in the country, said the Supreme Leader.
The Supreme Leader assured the Iranian people that they will overcome the enemies over the nuclear dispute and the other issues.

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